Keep It Simple

Sometimes, we complicate discipleship and Bible study. We think we need degrees, expensive materials, and cool graphics. We think we need a complicated system to divide people up by categories and age groups. But history has proven the best discipleship requires only people (of all ages and all walks of life) and God's Word. Often, when we add too many other elements or requirements, it distracts us from the main goal of discipleship.

So, yes. You can lead a group of disciples even if you don't have a Bible degree or can't afford special study materials. Meet at least every week, pray for each other, encourage each other, break bread together and read the Bible. Encourage families to do discipleship together, not apart from each other. And, don't forget, discipleship takes time, so you need to be committed to your disciples for the long run. Even Jesus needed three years to invest in the lives of His disciples.