Here are some simple resources to help you make disciples and read God's Word.

The Daily Bible in Chronological Order by F. Lagard Smith will help you understand the big picture like never before. You will see God's plan unfold over the centuries and it will finally make sense. You will be amazed at the intricacies and divine guidance behind this incredible book. Meet every week with a group of readers and use these simple discussion questions. Listen to an audio version here

The Serendipity Bible makes it easy to meet together as you read at your own pace. Simply choose which book you want to read as a group (i.e. John, Genesis, Philippians) and then use the discussion questions in the margin. It's that simple! It is only necessary for the leader to have access to the questions in the Serendipity Bible. Everyone else only needs their own Bible. Keep track of your progress with the Bible Reading Progress Chart.

The Bible App is 100% free. Download the Bible App on your phone and you'll have God's Word with you wherever you go. If you don't like reading, the Bible App features audio versions of the Bible as well.

Bible Hub is also a free app and website. One of it's best features is the "Interlinear" Bible which links each word to the original Hebrew or Greek. The link takes you to the etymology and various meanings of the original word.

The Bible Project offers 100% free, high-quality, online videos. Their mission is to show how the Bible is a unified story that leads to Jesus. Use these videos for your own personal study or as educational media to enhance your discipleship gatherings.

Growing Strong in God's Family and the Navigator Memorization Tools will help guide you through the discipleship process as you journey together with fellow believers. You will learn how to develop daily habits in God's Word, tools for memorization, and accountability with people who care about you.